Top 5 Speciality Services

RadPro providing leading top Teleradiology

Your teleradiology partner must keep up with a competitive and growing market’s health, technological, data protection, financial, and other requirements, and have the scope, depth, and stability to make you become important to your main stakeholders: the patients, clinicians, and hospital administrators who will demand your overall imaging solution’s excellence and RadPro Teleradiology ensures it.

1. The faster output of teleradiology, especially for your most crucial patients

Through proprietary technologies and innovation workflow, we ensure maximise medical treatment for the most important patients, the best infrastructure investments.

    • Priority escalation of web and real-time order
    • Innovative workflows with predictable response times of less than 12 mins

2. Artificial intelligence to boost accuracy 

‘RadPro’ retained a reliably high accuracy rate of 99.5%. Our Quality Assurance Policy practise comprises essential peer evaluation components, structured quality metrics tracking, strong clinical supervision and administration, and most importantly, a quality culture in our field in teleradiology.

3. 365 Days Support & Prompt Reporting

Whether you’d like to speed up the order for a patient whose situation is getting worse or simply having to monitor the status of the order, the patient care staff needs instant responses, no matter the time. We are working 24×7 and our facility is equipped with experts working always in priority aiming for highest accuracy.

4. User-friendly Management System

Along with the medical experts, our IT personals have created a very user-friendly panel for the Order management and report system. Easy to use with notification to ensure guarantee client satisfaction.

5.  Guaranteed Long-Term partnership 

If you are looking for a teleradiology supplier, choose a partner that will provide the necessities for long-term results, including the best quality of patient treatment. RadPro ensures industry-standard accuracy, customised packages, low price, long-term offers etc.