Leading Turn Around Time

We aim for innovation in practice and quality patient care, which includes giving sufficient priority to patient trials and delivering industry-leading turnaround times.

Emergency orders are given precedence over regular orders when the situations are urgent and potentially life-threatening. The current average time of turnover is less than 30 minutes. Our technologies to boost processing time consistency and productivity include:

  • Custom emergency evaluations for stroke and accident events
  • Special procedures for important observations and radiological protocol investigations

In order to help ensure that we get the correct research to the correct radiologist in the shortest possible period, we have established personalised urgency levels and protocols. The RadPro protocols are designed to quickly identify and scale important trials so that they gain the highest priority, allowing a quick response time — which is crucial for quality patient care.


  • Rapid response — Questions collected by a radiologist in less than 4 minutes on average.
  • Medical advice recorded & direct contact with the best-qualified radiologist
  • Conveniently placed in our customer order management system

For more detail on our personalised procedures, or to find out how RadPro can help you handle your imaging services differently — with the perspective that comes from the nation’s leading radiology clinic, please email us today.